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  • Paying your bill:
    • If you live in any other state:
      -You will continue to receive and pay your bill through your utility. To assist you in paying your bill, we have conveniently included a link inside the Think Energy Portal to your utility’s website. This link can be found under the “My Bill” tab when you log in.
    • If you live in Texas:
      -Not registered in the Portal: We have made it possible to make a payment without registering in the Portal. If you go to and visit the “Make Payment without Registration” box and click “Pay Now”, you will able to make a one-time payment. To make the one-time payment you will need your ESI ID number (upper right hand corner of bill) and your Zip Code.
      -Registered in the Portal: You are able to pay your bill through the Think Energy Portal in the “My Bill” tab. You can also set up automatic payments within the Portal in the “Account Management” box when you log in.
      -Call Customer Care to make a payment over the phone at 1-866-252-0078.
      -Visit a cash payment station. You can find one near you by visiting:
  • Why do I need to Login (Register) to this website?*
    The site contains energy information relative to your Company or Residence. As such, this information is confidential. The Portal allows you to manage your account, see your usage history, and more!
    • *If you are having trouble registering your account, please note that it will take anywhere from 3 to 30 days for you to become an active Think Energy customer. You will only be able to register with the Think Energy Portal when you have become an active customer.


  • Instructions for the first time user: 
    If you are trying to log on for the first time, there are a few things you will need to know. First, you will be required to register a new User ID and Password to gain access to the website. User ID/Email – This will be the email address that you associated your Think Energy account with when you initially signed up for electricity. Password - The password you create should not be shared with anyone. Password must contain a capital letter, be at least 7 characters long, and contain at least one number. 
If you are not a first time user, but you have forgotten your User ID/Email, call Customer Care at 1-866-252-0078.
  • What if I forgot my Password?
    Click on the "Forgot your Password?" link on the Login page to request it. After you complete a few questions, a temporary password will be emailed to the address that you provided during your initial registration. You will be asked to change your password as soon as you successfully log on with the temporary password.
  • Multiple service location contracts:
    If you have multiple service locations on your contract* (multiple utility account numbers) you will establish your initial User ID using any one of your utility account numbers. Once you log in, you can switch between your different accounts in the upper right hand corner of the Portal. Click the drop down "Switch Account" selection and switch between them as needed. 
    • *Please note: If your multiple service locations DO NOT share a common contract, you will need multiple email accounts to register each contract. 
For any other questions please call our Customer Care team at: 1-866-252-0078

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